© Bastion

© Bastion

Stockholm Internet Cat Video Festival 

9, 11 October 2014 at Södra Teatern

We have gotten our claws into the world’s first cat video festival “Catvidfest”. It is composed by The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, USA, and has toured the continent, attracting 10,000’s of cat fans. At the premiere in 2012, the New York Times reported,

– “You could hear the meows nearly a block away, and also the “awwws.”

In August, the third edition with the newest hottest cats from the internet will have their premiere and then  take a direct leap towards Stockholm.

What is it about a cat drinking water by flushing itself under the kitchen tap, the little kitten that yawns so cute, or the cat that jumps in a box, and all the other hundreds of thousands of clips that make cat videos one of today’s largest internet phenomenon?

This festival is not about watching the cat videos, it is about watching the cat videos together. The Stockholm Cat Video Festival has also arranged a talk about the internet cat’s role in society and the queer feminist cat nightclub.

The video package is approximately 70 minutes and includes about 80 cat clips. Everything from six second vine videos to short films and everything in between.It is produced specially for the festival and is not available online.

Tickets: www.sodrateatern.com

Stockholm Internet Cat Video Festival is organized and curated by The Blob in collaboration with Södra Teatern. The video reel is curated and produced by The Walker Art Center. Graphic Design: Brita Lindvall and Alexandra Falagara


Press images

Photographer Kamilla Kraczkowski. Ladda ner

Photographer Kamilla Kraczkowski.    Ladda ner

Photographer Kamilla Kraczkowski. Ladda ner